The official submission on Red Apple 2018

17 July 2018
The official submission on Red Apple 2018

The official submission of works starts on the July, 10 and prolongs until September, 30. Two weeks before the deadline (30 September) there will be 15% mark-up and all other discounts will be invalid.

2018 –  year of sweeping changes:

Festival categories will be divided into 9 global blocks:

  • Social&Influencer,
  • Design,
  • Radio/Audio advertising,
  • Innovation,
  • Digital,
  • Outdoor&Indoor,
  • Film,
  • Creative Effectiveness,
  • Campaigns.  

Media projects and Data categories have been moved from the main competition to Red Apple: Festival of Media. This is a new Red Apple’s block, which is made to raise the agenda of media communication agencies and determine the most effective. Submissions dates — from August, 1 to October, 7 2018.

Changed the audience's vector: 70% of agencies and brands, 20% of mass media and media professionals, 10% of students and young professionals.

The educational program will be segmented by the level of qualification: advance, middle, junior management.

Red Apple 2018 will become an integral part of the leading event of the media advertising industry "Advertising Days | Moscow" (November, 12 - November, 18) and takes place at two new venues: November, 14, World Trade Center — Red Apple: Festival of Media; November, 15-16, LOFT #3 — Red Apple Festival.

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