The Red Apple Festival is included in the AKAR efficiency rating

20 April 2018
The Red Apple Festival is included in the AKAR efficiency rating

The Red Apple Festival is included in the AKAR efficiency rating, taking the place in the blue zone with a weight of 6 points, with the nomination "Creative effectiveness", which involves evaluating the creative component of the campaign and the effectiveness of its implementation.

In 2017, AKAR launched the AKAR Performance Rating, which aims to identify the level of implemented case studies of agencies in terms of return on investment and real returns. Along with Red Apple, the Performance Rating includes: Cannes Lions, Effie Global, Globes, Eurobest, Effie Europe, Effie Russia, White Square, Silver Mercury and the National Award of Business Communications.

The calculation of votes on the basis of Red Apple is as follows: shortlist - 6 points; third place - 18 points; second place - 30 points; first place - 54 points; The Grand Prix of the festival is 90. The shortlist and Grand Prix are not summed up with prize-winning places, the highest score goes to the rating.

Red Apple Festival brings together inspiring ideas, creative people, promotional work from different corners of the world and an impressive jury consisting of the most talented and award-winning representatives of the global creative industry. The victory at the festival also gives 5 points in the ACAR Creativity Rating and since 2016 has weight in the main advertising rating of the Gunn Report.

Contests that are realized for clients during the period from June 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018 and previously not participating in the contest can participate in the contest.

Share ideas, change the world, and see you on Red Apple 2018!