"Media alliance" and Red Apple have launched special award for Social advertising category

05 August 2016
"Media alliance" and Red Apple have launched special award for Social advertising category

"Media Alliance", one of the biggest media-companies on the market of pay TV in Russia, has become a partner of  Red Apple IAF this year. Company represents TV channels such as Discovery Channel, Eurosport, TLC, Animal Planet, Cartton Network, CNN etc. Most of them are leaders in their spheres.

As a part of the Festival, "Media Alliance" organizes special award in "Social Advertising" category. According to the results of the competition the best socially significant videos will be broadcast for one month on Discovery Channel, Eurosport 1, TLC and Animal Planet for free, and they will be seen by the whole country.

Social advertising does not always match with channel’s format, that is why there is a less broadcast time in this segment than in the commercial one. The initiation of the special award is aimed to support the industry of social advertising in Russia and to give it an opportunity for developing on modern TV.

"As media-company representing World's famous TV brands in Russia, we consider it our duty to develop the presence of social advertising on commercial TV channels and demonstrate that experience to the market. In the end the informative content, which we broadcast, and social advertising are designed to raise actual questions, influence on society's development and make each of us a little bit better", - comments Grigoriy Lavrov, CEO of "Media Alliance" company. 

Call for entries will be until December 23 on official site of the Festival. Winners will be named on awards ceremony on Red Apple festival on 16-17 December in Digital October, Moscow. 

 Here are the criteria, by which winners will be selected for placing videos on TV channels:

  1. Competitive work must not to violate the Russian law and match the definition of social advertising within the framework of Federal "Law of Advertising"
  2. All participants, who submited works in "Social advertising" category (in "TV and Cinema advertising" and "New Media" subcategories), can qualify for a special award.
  3. It is desirable to provide the description of idea of social video with relevance of chosen theme
  4. Technical demands to place the video on channel - HD-Quality 1920 x 1080 Pro res 422 (Winners must remake their video to such format)
  5. The Concept of videos must correspond one of four channels brand's genre and values  
  • Discovery Channel – TV channel, broadcasting with slogan "Never cease to open". Content is based on stories of real life, which are designed to make discoveries, surprise, inspire and enlighten.
  • TLC –  it is rousing, bright and bold programmes with true stories from real life. Heroes of TLC inspire and charge with emotions, teach tolerance. The channel's slogan is: "Life, that is worth seeing"
  • Eurosport 1 –  TV channel telling the greatest stories of sport all around the World, stories of achievements, perseverance and inspiration. The idea of the brand and the slogan of the channel - "You will understand me, if you share my passion"
  • Animal Planet –  This is one of the famous TV channels about animals and the meeting point for people, who is partial about the most different types of fauna - from dangerous predators to cute pets. The slogan of channel is: "Entertainment from nature”.