Summer commercials' showreels

30 June 2016
Summer commercials' showreels

Red Apple International festival of Adertising  and Assotiation of Russian Communicative Agencies invite all fans of the qualitative creation to summer presentation of the advertising arts from around the world! 

Since June to August summer cinema Museon's guests'll able to dive into the travel of the fascinating advertising world, whose road goes through time and space.

15 June, 22:00

Cannes Lions Show 2015

The start of travelling will be the famous festival Cannes Lions - some trends and innovatios are borned there every year, the stars start shining and the best ads are demonstrated. The strict jury chooses the most creaive and extraordinary projects over 60 years and each project is the history, which is told during 30 seconds. In this evening you'll see the best ads, which steal the hearts of million people in 2015.

6 July, 22:00

The Best Super Bowl commercials

The final of Americal football SuperCup is the brightest sporty show, which has already become the national celebration of USA. But Super Bowl isn't only the sport, the songs and fans, it's also the most expesive advertising time in the worls  and the most creative ads, created specially for the translation during the SuperCup final.

27 July, 21:00

Presentation of 1990s ads

20 years ago Russian TV views knew which magazine didn't burn on fire, didn't go under the water and allowed to keep the acid-base balance, who is Lenya Golubkov and they also repeat the history with the bank Imperial. And because of many requests Red Apple'll invite the guests of Museon to go to the past again, where they' observe the new seria of ads, the time of nostalgia, the warmest memories from the childhood and the bright persons, whose quotas are keptin our memory.

17 August

Information about presentation'll be soon

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