How to catch advertisers off guard

14 October 2015
How to catch advertisers off guard

To catch a famous creative director off guard in his cozy office and see the reaction to unusual and random questions - one of the ideas of a small serial "Fast and without hesitation." The episodes are published weekly on the official Facebook page of the International Advertising Festival Red Apple.

Timekeeping of each episode is strictly 1:50. During this time a person can answer about 20 questions sometimes not related to each other. A speaker gives answers quickly and without hesitation, hence the name of series. To show a serious creative director in an unusual role for an interview - another goal of the project.

The directorate of the festival believes that these episodes will help to dilute the over-anxious mood in the advertising industry.

The heroes of the coming episodes will be Michael Elagin, executive creative director of the Communication Group Twiga; Irina Zvereva, creative director of Publicis Pro Health; Vladimir Garev, creative director Grape; Danil Golovanov, creative director of Red Pepper, and Alexander Gagarin from Sansara, which previously worked as an art director in Red Pepper and is familiar in advertising get-together. The list is being updated weekly.

Andrey Paukov, director Zebra Hero.

A modern advertiser – a person who keeps rushing every time. Meetings, deadlines, releases ... We really wanted to make a project that will differ from a standard interview and get the most living material. Coming to the shooting, we just asked our heroes to live their ordinary life, talking to the camera and moving right in the space where they are situated. For better concentration, we have printed a large photo of Maxim Volynskov (that is the person who asks the questions behind the scenes), and put it right on the camera. At this tempo, and with sudden questions you can feel a person better, live a couple of minutes with him. I hope our friends from the ad industry will be interested in watching the leaders of the creative industry in such format.

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