Representatives of the industry and the government will be going to discuss creativity of mass media in the megapolis

14 September 2014

On September 18 in DigitalOctober the international advertising festival RedApple and Departments of mass media and advertising of Moscow will organize a round table on the subject "Mass Media in the Megalopolis".

Discussion will be devoted to a role of mass media and use of creative decisions in distribution of socially significant content.

Representatives of bodies of legislative and executive power, experts of media communications market, heads of the largest media holdings, representatives of the leading mass media and industrial associations are invited to participation.

Among confirmed participation in discussion:

· Alexey Ivanovich Kovylov – the president of Russian Association of Communication Agencies; president of CEO; the regional manager the director of Grey in the CIS,

· Vladimir Valeryevich Filippov – the president of Academy of advertising; vice-president of Russian Association of Communication Agencies,

· Sergey Vyacheslavovich Veselov – the director of market researches of the analytical center "Video International",

· Elena Petrovna Suldina – the CEO of ZAO PH "MediaInfoGroup",

· Alexey Andreyev – president of Russian Branding Companies Association; president of Depot WPF Brand & Identity,

· Denis Valerianovich Voronkov - the CEO of PH "Argumenti i fakti",

· Andrey Valeryevich Naumenko - the deputy CEO of the joint edition "Moscow Media"

· Elena Yurevna Reshetova – the executive director of the World advertising Summit

· Solopov Dmitry – the president of "Idalgo" advertising agency

And even more participants.

Will act as moderators of a round table:

V. V. Chernikov - the Head of mass media and advertising department of Moscow,

S. L. Piskarev - the Chairman of Committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on business in advertising sphere, the Vice-president of RACA, the Deputy CEO of VideoInternational Group.

During discussion speakers will mention legislative questions, new technologies, training of young specialists, but first of all the accent of discussion will become non-standard decisions for the aid to development of mass media:

· Restyling

· Creation of modern content

· Mechanics of creation of mass media, as product and brand.

· Combination of media resources of the megalopolis

· Creative and art support of the mass media projects of the megalopolis

Date and time of carrying out: September 18 11.00-13.00

Place: DigitalOctober, KievHall, Bersenevskaya Emb., 6, p. 3