Vladimir Todorov

Chief Editor, Lenta.ru

In 2014, Vladimir Todorov completed an in-depth international course "History and Culture of China" at Shanghai University (China), and in 2016 graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Higher School of Economics with a degree in International Relations with China.

Vladimir began his professional career in 2012 from the position of a freelance correspondent for "Science" and "Business and Finance" departments of the Gazeta.Ru (online edition). In 2014, he became a staff correspondent for "Business and Finance" department, covered the activities of the metallurgical industry, Internet, media and telecom business areas. In 2015, he headed "Technology" department at Gazeta.Ru.

In 2016, Vladimir Todorov was appointed the head of "Internet and Media" Department of the online newspaper Lenta.ru. He conducted a series of journalistic investigations about "Death Groups" on VKontakte, which resulted in the arrest of one of the founders of suicidal communities, Philip Budeikin (Philip Lis). In 2017, he was awarded the prize of the Union of Journalists of Russia for these investigations.

In 2017, Vladimir became the author, ideological inspirer and producer of the special investigation project "Very Dark Cases" about drug trafficking on the Russian "dark Internet". After the release of the special project, RAMP, the largest Russian darknet drug store, was closed.

Since August 2017, Vladimir Todorov has been the Chief editor of Lenta.ru. For three years, he has increased the audience of the publication by more than 65%, returning it to the leading position among Russian Internet publications in terms of audience indicators.

In 2019, Vladimir was also appointed Director of Media Development at Rambler Group. During the year under his leadership, the audience of Rambler Group thematic projects grew by more than 15%. Also, under his leadership, the "Firmy Secret" project was relaunched, which in a year showed an audience growth of more than 30%. In 2019, under the leadership of Vladimir Todorov, a special project "Russia under Drugs" was released - the only journalistic investigation in the country that tells about the war between the largest drug sites RAMP and Hydra, the volume of the drug market on the darknet and the scale of consumption of illegal substances in Russia. The project caused a wide resonance in society: after the release of its last part, special parliamentary hearings were convened on the threats of the darknet, at which Vladimir Todorov also spoke