Categories and Requirements

Creative Effectiveness

Entries in this category focus on work that produced measurable results and used a creative tactic to achieve a brands purposes. A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 25% idea; 25% strategy; 50% impact and results


Entries will need to demonstrate how creative, brand-led work drove tangible business results and was instrumental to get the campaign's effectiveness

Technical requirements:

To participate in the competition, works are accepted that were implemented by the agency and / or the advertiser (brand) in the period from January 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, but have not participated in Red Apple before

Deadline for submission of works - September 17, 2021

A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 25% idea; 25% strategy; 50% impact and results

In the submission of work should be included two pdf files with the result of the previous year and the description of the work.

The description consists of two parts:

1) A summary of the work (max 400 words);

2) The effectiveness analysis done on the template below (in the form of answers to the questions stated in the following 7 points) – max 3000 signs except schemes, graphs, charts, tables, illustrative information material, which you may need in presentation.

The summary and analysis is attached in the member's personal account in PDF format.


1. What were the aims of this work? Please specify the area. How and in what units should the degree of achievement of this goal be measured? You can specify several different goals, including intermediate ones.

2. What effect do you have? Describe including paragraph 1.

3. Show separately the commercial result of this work, preferably in terms of ROI. The description should be accompanied by references to reliable sources.

4. Clearly justify the relationship between your work and the result (in order: «goals/brief – summary effect»).

5. What other factors could also affect the result besides your work (for example, seasonal element, favorable competitive landscape, changes in distribution, etc.)?

6. Formulate the creative idea of your work and describe what part of the construction from point 4 was taken by the creative component. How did it affect the different stages (media, investments, etc.)?

7. What general conclusions can you draw from the effectiveness of the creative approach to marketing tasks in general, based on the specific experience of this work? How do you see the prospects in this area?

Format: video (max. 5 minutes). Work must be attached in a personal account by link on the video hosting (Youtube, Vimeo).

ATTENTION! You can not show the logo or name of the agency in your work. Works that violate this rule will not be allowed to take part in a contest.

The project submitted by participants will be shown on the screen during the work of the jury and at the awards ceremony. There is also a possibility of using these materials in the catalog, on the website of the festival, as well as in the informational materials of media about the Festival.