Categories and Requirements

Digital Campaigns

Jury will evaluate the marketing campaign that may interact with customers via dynamic content


The integrated campaign implemented in digital environment. It has to contain at least 3 online components: e-mail, banners, websites, online guerrilla marketing, internet advertising, mobile advertising, etc. Offline tools can be involved, but the core of the campaign must be online

Non-traditional and innovative online promotion implemented with the small marketing budget or with non-standard use of technologies / guerrilla marketing in online

Use of mobile, interactive or online tools for interaction with a brand: events, GPS technologies, external interactive signs and other decisions which encourage users to interact with a brand in online

Advertising online campaigns based on precise strategic decisions (audience insight, research, etc.)

Technical requirements:

Entries eligible to participate in the Festival are entries created and implemented between January 1, 2019 and November 4, 2020 except for the entries that participated in Red Apple Festival in 2019. 

Entry deadline – November 4, 2020.

Mandatory requirement: all materials should be in English or contain English subtitles. 

Entry submission format:

1. Case study film: 
- YouTube/Vimeo link for video, resolution at least 720p (1080p is preferred)
- duration no longer 3 min 

Presentation board: 
- Image with key visuals of the project and its description, .jpg, .png file with at least 1772 pixels width
- resolution at least 150 DPI

PDF presentation: 
- no more than 20 slides
- resolution at least 150 DPI
- aspect ratio 16:9 (preferred) 
2. the description of creative idea in English
ATTENTION! You can not show the logo or name of the agency in your work. Works that violate this rule will not be allowed to take part in a contest.

The project submitted by participants will be shown on the screen during the work of the jury and at the awards ceremony. There is also a possibility of using these materials in the catalog, on the website of the festival, as well as in the informational materials of media about the Festival.