Categories and Requirements

Branded Content

Work which captivated in order to communicate a brand message to consumers in entertaining way and bring them relevant value. It can include articles, videos, experiential events, podcasts, music and even live elements


The best content newly created for the brand tailored to traditional / non-digital channels, such as OOH, print and TV. The content should fit with the brand values, strategy and clearly address the marketing challenge. Jury will evaluate the content creation and creative execution with additional credit given to storytelling across media channels and the fit with the chosen market, as well as the customer experience as evidenced by consumer engagement metrics

The best content newly created for digital channels. The content should fit with the brand values, strategy and clearly address the marketing challenge

Campaign that either has the use of content at the core, or where content was a main driver for the success of the campaign. The entry should demonstrate how the content was distributed, displayed or amplified. It does not need to be original or newly created content, and can be in any format, e.g. video, traditional media or native advertising

The best content newly created for advertising campaigns with social purpose at the heart. Entrants should be a charity, non-profit organisation or government body. Brands may also enter, if they can demonstrate how they worked in partnership with a charity or non-profit cause or organisation

The best creative solution is evaluated in the format of unrealized cases

Technical requirements:

To participate in the competition, works are accepted that were implemented by the agency and / or the advertiser (brand) in the period from January 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022, but have not participated in Red Apple before

Deadline for submission of works - January 13, 2023

Mandatory requirement - work is accepted in English

Job upload format:

1. Application in English

- all fields of the application are required;

2. Video case (required):

- in English or with English subtitles;

- a link to a video (YouTube or Vimeo), a resolution of at least 720p (preferably 1080p);

- video duration no more than 5 minutes;

3.Project URL (required)

4. PDF presentation (preferred):

- no more than 15 slides

- aspect ratio 16: 9

5. Presentation board (optional):

- an image with key visual elements of the project and its description, .jpg, .png file (with a width of at least 1772 pixels, a resolution of at least 150 DPI)

- file size no more than 75 MB

6. Audio file (required for EXCELLENCE IN AUDIO)

- mp3, 192 Kpbs

- or a link to a video (YouTube or Vimeo) containing the original audio track and synchronized subtitles in English, at least 720p resolution)

7. Accompanying materials (mandatory for Outdoor & Indoor)

- photo confirmation of the project implementation

Attention! It is forbidden to place the logo or the name of the agency in the work, including in the link, the name of the channel on the video hosting or in the name of the file. Jobs violating this rule will be disqualified.

Access to the material uploaded by the participants has: the organizing committee and members of the Jury.

A fragment of the video case can be used (can be displayed on the screen) during the award ceremony.