Red Apple opens very early call!

24 April 2018
Red Apple opens very early call!

On May 7th, an early work was launched for the most famous Red Apple advertising festival and the first participants already used the 20% discount. We suggest you to use it until May 31st. On June 1st, the discount will be reduced to 15%.
The works that were realized for clients during the periodfrom June 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018, and previously not participating in the competition, except for the category "Creative effectiveness", can be participated in the festival, in which, on the contrary, only the prize-winners of the festival of the last three years are accepted. More details about the categories, prices and requirements on the festival's website.
The Red Apple Festival is more than an advertising festival, it is the largest event that brings together inspiring ideas from different parts of the world, leading professionals in the field of creative technologies, creative people and an impressive jury composed of talented and award-winning representatives of the global creative industry.
Share ideas, change the world, and see you on Red Apple 2018!