Red Apple 2017 announced call for entries

08 August 2017
Red Apple 2017 announced call for entries

Submission will last until October 20. After that, the expert jury from around the world will begin  judging process. Winners will be announced at the festival awards. Victory at Red Apple gives 5 points in the ACAR Creativity Rating.

The 27th International Red Apple Advertising Festival will take place on 7-8 December 2017 and will traditionally bring together all representatives of the advertising industry, media and creative professions to talk about what excites creative minds, inspires them and changes their lives. The culmination of each festivals day will be awards ceremony for Red Apple prizes, and marvelous  closing party will complete the event.

An opportunity to get the award is granted for all works, that were fulfilled during the period from the 1 July 2016 till 20 October 2017 without participating in the competition earlier. The 10% discount will operate for agencies-members of ACAR, RAMS, IAB, NAASI, IN+OUT, ABCR, AIA and ACMA.  Two weeks before the deadline there will be 15% mark-up and all other discounts will be invalid. The deadline will have no prolongation.

Works can be submitted in one of 20 categories:

“Innovative advertising”

“Digital advertising (interactive tools)”

“Digital advertising (campaigns)”

“Media projects”

“Advertising campaigns”

“TV and cinema advertising”

“TV and cinema advertising (craft)

“Creative effectiveness”

“Promo campaigns”

“Indoor advertising”

“Radio advertising”

“Outdoor advertising”

“Print advertising (craft)”

“Print advertising”

“Label and Packaging”

“Communication design”

“DM-materials and souvenirs”

“Social advertising”

There are two more categories in the competition: «Digital advertising (craft)” and “Use of Data”. Another innovation: Red Apple festival's participants can submit their winning work in “Creative effectiveness” for the last three years.

These and other innovations of the festival can soon be found at the annual presentation of Red Apple Launch, where the jury will be announced and other interesting news and surprises will be revealed..

For more information about categories and requirements please click on this link – or call 8-495-783-65-39