The last chance

19 August 2014
The last chance

As everyone is already aware, the deadline for submitting Red Apple 2014 works was extended till August, 15, and no one had a thought about extending it again. Nevertheless, August, 19 is decided to be the one and only day, when you have the last chance to submit your works.

In fact, the deadline extension was not planned, but there are always people who do things in the last minute, and that rush led to the submission of low-quality profiles. So, there is quite some time required to adjust and edit everything. And moreover, it’s also a chance for doubtful ones.

That’s why, starting at midnight of August, 19 and for the next 24 hours personal profiles and registration are to be opened again. At the moment, there are already 1200 works submitted.  And 200 agencies from 28 countries are among the participants.

It’s time to remind you one more time that the International Festival of Advertising Red Apple 2014 will commence on September, 18 and will last for 2 days in Moscow in one of the most innovative sites Digital October, and will be concluded with the Award Ceremony. More detailed description of the educational programme and tickets sale starting date are coming soon.