Red Apple calls to change ideas!

24 June 2013

Moscow International Advertising Festival Red Apple presents new corporate identity, which was created by design-project UROBARBOS BEDLAM DESIGN.


Every year by tradition the most creative and gifted persons who can change the world and bring something new to it make the visual idea of festival. After all Red Apple is more than 5000 participants from 30 countries of the world, record quantity of creative persons, fantastic, crazy parties, rich two-days scientific program, contest for young geniuses, almost 1500 entries – these are the parade of creativity by the name Red Apple. And the calling card should be appropriate.

The chief descriptor of festival is literal and verbal visualization of slogan ‘Exchange ideas, change the world’. Two ideas, uniting with each other, give new reading or absolutely new products.

‘Idea presented by simple figure, filled by pattern. These two ideas-figures laid on each other give at the intersection new pattern, contained traits of two figures., - recounts art-director of UROBARBOS BEDLAM DESIGN Vova Lifanov. – For example, сclassical Indian patterns with easily recognizable silhouettes of cucumbers lay on native Russian graphic elements. And we see new pattern – world-famous Pavlovo-Posadsky headscarf.

History of each element will appear on our website And in our group on Facebook ( you can propose own ideas how to change the world. By the way, here is a good idea how to save your money! Till the 1st of July there is a special proposal for entries! Participants will be able to save 25% of budget during the whole June. Hurry up!