28th Red Apple
International Advertising

It is by far an active, permanent communication between different cultures, ideas and opinions. Not just advertising. Not just marketing. It is inspiration. It is passion for what you do and that can change our lives. It is the result.


The competitive part of the festival obtains all the international standards as well as the unique system of judging and integrates world-class jury. The «price» of winning Red Apple has grown several times in recent years.

Categories and requirements Results 2017


Winners of the most prestigious international festivals, occupying top positions in the creative and including in The Gunn Report rating. This year 10 jury members are owers of more than 200 Cannes lions

The juries Rules and regulations

Festival Program

Our objective is to go beyond the industry and to find inspiration outside of advertising, but close to our work areas.

Speakers Program

What is new in 2018

Старт продажи билетов
Открыт официальный прием работ на Red Apple 2018
Sasha Kunze
What Red Apple is doing for Russian industry is super important and it was great to see so much engagement from the industry
Eric Schoeffler
I was very proud with what we´ve achieved as a team and I can say without any doubt that each piece of work, that we’ve awarded, was a true well deserved winner
The Red Apple Festival is included in the AKAR efficiency rating