Love And Lobby – private diplomacy meets creativity

“May you live in interesting times”. Westerners would think it’s a blessing, Chinese would say it’s a curse. Tedi Migdalovici thinks it’s a reality. We live in times where systems hundreds of years old are falling apart and new ones are emerging. Ideas like “saving capitalism” (from itself-) and “the sharing economy “are already  common nouns, while the corporation, as a model, it’s under the analytical retina of global, highly educated whistleblowers from the Michael Moore, Naomi Klein or Joel Bakan’s tribe. What about diplomacy ? In a world where revolutions are popping up like soap bubbles and the political class is challenged from East to West with the same intensity by more and more conscious citizens, alongside contemporary  brands fluent in activism, the old diplomatic model, as much as the political one, seems almost obsolete. As the founder of the LoveAndLobby platform, she puts out there the private diplomacy concept, with a will to go beyond the cliché and the toxic media noise and look straight into the soul of the nations, searching  for their best contemporary voices – better future makers, creators, designers, innovators.

Discover, through her presentation, how the creative industry can take part in this movement, both through individuals and brands, by attending the Red Apple International Festival, in Moscow, this December.