Red Apple Jury

Jury 2019

Leaders of advertising industry, winners of the most prestigious international festivals, occupying top positions in creative rankings.

Jakob Stigler

Co-Founder, Mano Denmark

Over his 15 year career, Jakob has been at the forefront of changing how brands approach digital marketing. He has been involved in the planning and media execution of some of the most influential global online video campaigns, including Live Test Series (Volvo Trucks) and The Marriage Market Takeover in China (SKII).
In 2017 Jakob co-founded Mano. A world-first Orchestration Agency that aims to close the gap between creativity and media through an unbiased consultancy model that laser focus on end-to-end support for global brand campaigns. With Mano, he aims to push the boundaries for how creativity is applied in complex settings without losing it’s potential. Mano works globally with some of the best creative agencies in the world and brands like IKEA, UBER, Safeguard, Ørsted, SKII and Olay.