If you have any questions contact us: +7 (495) 783-65-39 or info@festival.ru


Call for entries of both individuals and legal entities is carried out on equal terms.

While uploading entries there must be one main file (PDF/JPEG) or a link to videohosting/website. Additional files can be uploaded in a separate field right there during uploading entries.

PDF-presentation must include up to 10 slides.

After an entry is uploaded, we check the accuracy of the data then we generate an invoice for you. You can download it in your personal account in "My Payments".

A movie should be up to 3 minutes.

No, it can not be done. Works that violate this rule will not be allowed to take part in a contest.

December, 7th-8th 2017, Digital October.

October, 20th 2017. From October,10th an extra charge 15% will be added.

If you have any questions contact us +7 495 783-65-39 or info@festival.ru